Software Development

CDIT provides experienced software analysts, programmers, and engineers to develop new custom software, customize functionality, maintain applications, and integrate disparate software to meet our customer’s business needs.


The use of mature, stable, and priority-driven software development discipline is proven to yield repeatable processes that translate into fewer errors and reliable delivery against schedule and budget constraints.


Disciplined Processes for Software Development


CDIT has made a significant investment in the creation of our set of best practices, customizable management and technical processes and procedures in the areas of Agile methodologies, software and systems engineering, project management, quality assurance, configuration management, and verification and validation.


Our solution is based on industry standards, best practices from CMMI®, Project Management Institute, ISO, and over 10 years of CDIT's experience on a wide range of programs. Our software development teams use these solution to bring disciplined software development to their projects.


Customer Always Benefits


Our customers receive the direct benefit of CDIT's use of both CMMI® and disciplined software development processes. Our customers can rely on CDIT's proven track record of delivering prioritized, high-quality software projects on time and on budget.


CDIT’s core principals of software development that allow us to deliver unsurpassed excellence:



    • Customer focused

    • Highest priority items

    • High quality

    • Predictable schedules

    • Reuse

    • Innovative thinking

    • Trained and motivated personnel