Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

CDIT's SOA experience enables IT infrastructures to perform at maximum efficiency. Using service-oriented architecture (SOA), CDIT can design and build an agile, component-based IT system that leverages legacy applications and new technologies to deliver greater functionality.


More than a technology solution, SOA is an overall strategy that gets to the core of business functions. CDIT experts have the ability to define business processes in terms of services (tasks) that people perform using technology. We map these services to modular software applications that interact with each other and form the basis of an integrated and dynamic infrastructure. With our SOA approach, customers can efficiently assemble, rearrange, reuse, or extend applications to keep pace with business needs.


CDIT has a wide range of experienced business and technology professionals to address all of our customers' business and IT environment needs when developing a SOA solution. CDIT designs and delivers an infrastructure that lets our customers respond quickly to change while providing solid ROI.