Program Management

Organizational goals are commonly set based on productivity targets, budget management, regulatory compliance, and responsiveness to customers and stakeholders. These factors are critical to the success of an organization.


CDIT ensures that all programs are managed according to the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology project lifecycle. Leveraging and incorporating this methodology into the CDIT Program Management approach means our solutions are clearly defined, repeatable, and measurable.


CDIT works with our customers to establish a performance baseline backed up by meaningful metrics. These metrics are transformed into tangible and measurable artifacts that show how well the organization is performing against its business goals. We provide our customers a solid and responsible organizational change management mechanism to help deal with the inevitable changes that are driven by internal, legislative, and technology requirements. Change is managed so the day-to-day operations and mission-oriented functions continue as expected and are poised for growth.


The key solution CDIT provides are:


    • Business Process Services

    • Project Planning and Monitoring

    • Configuration Management and QA

    • Business Transformation and Modernization

    • Performance Metrics