Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is one of the most powerful management tools used by large organizations. It allows for a continual alignment of business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions. Enterprise architecture plays a key role for business executives, allowing them to transform data about technology into powerful management insight.


CDIT has more than 10 years' experience working on complex enterprise architecture projects. We provide enterprise architecture services—tailored to specific industries—to address the challenge of business-technology alignment.


Using our approach to enterprise architecture, many organizations have been able to reduce their direct information technology costs while gaining an additional savings from cost avoidance and risk reduction.


CDIT’s strives to provide these key goals to our customer with our Enterprise Architecture services:


    • Increase return on IT investments aligning them with business needs

    • Identify areas for cost reduction

    • Accelerate IT decision making

    • Expand ability to benefit from technology innovations

    • Improve speed and reduce risk in implementing enterprise initiatives

    • Enhance IT staff skills