Agile Development

CDIT provides solid experience to organizations to optimize their processes to better support their business needs. When properly implemented, Agile development methodologies reduce costs, improve quality, and improve time-to-market.


What is Agile development?


Agile is a development method that designs and builds solutions in smaller manageable increments.


Agile lets you design and build applications better, faster, and cheaper than with traditional methods.


Agile lets you engage the business owners throughout the lifecycle and will let you accommodate more scope and requirements changes.


Agile includes phases where the business sees weekly builds of the staging or production application pre-UAT.


CDIT's Agile Development approach uses current best practices in rapid application development and high collaboration among developers, architects, and business and project leadership, delivering the following services:


Agile Development Assessments

End-to-End Agile Development Teams

ScrumMaster Certified Project Management

Agile Requirements Management

Feature Driven Design (FDD)

Test Driven Development (TDD)

Rapid Sprint Process

Agile Development Tool Expertise